Reflex Angelo is at the forefront of glass furniture design and innovation and is renowned for using the highest quality materials combined with cutting edge technology. Also intrinsically linked with the Island of Murano, Reflex celebrates the Venetian tradition of glass making by the famous ‘Masters of Murano’ where their exquisite designs form the basis of Reflex’s glamour collections.

Quality. Tradition. Technology.


Reflex was born more than twenty years ago with an ambitious aim to develop a new generation of products within the glass industry. Originally built from a tradition of family glassworks established in the 1940’s, Reflex’s continuous research into design innovation and technology merged with their heritage of Venetian handicraft today puts Reflex at the forefront of glass modernization. Reflex holds an impressive portfolio and has collaborated with many architectural projects including the iconic Gherkin in London and Louvre in Paris and has worked with many designers including Pininfarina, Andree Putman, Marco Piva and Massimo Scolari. Reflex is recognised throughout the world for its beautiful and extensive furniture collections and abilities to create almost any bespoke item using the latest technological advances. With a factory on Murano Island, Reflex is also renown for producing some the largest Murano glass pieces such as its Nautilus and Corale dining table bases and it is this perfect synthesis of technology, design, research and tradition which makes Reflex so unique.





MILAN 2017




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