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Originating from a small yet skilled saddler’s workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland de Sede began with true craftsmen committed to transforming the highest quality leather into exclusive, detail-obsessed, timeless furniture. de Sede skillfully integrates traditional and precise Swiss workmanship with outstanding design and today it is a world leader in exclusive leather upholstery distributing furniture in more than 40 countries across the world.


de Sede – makes the world a better place.


de Sede is dedicated to creating spaces in which people enjoy life in great style. This is de Sede’s calling, to give rooms a soul. With the acknowledgment that their special position in the market is owed to the time-tested practice of passing down the knowledge and skills of their craft from generation to generation, people around the world recognise de Sede and appreciate the furniture’s long-lasting beauty and style.


DS-373 is Alfredo Häberli’s homage to de Sede’s fascination with NECK leather. The folds in this five millimetre thick leather are so elegantly arranged that a single bullhide creates an understated, perfectly-formed sofa.


When designing the DS-373, Häberli’s primary goal was to develop an understated, stripped-back shape in a way which allowed the unique grain of the NECK leather to highlight the expression of the design. During this process, he focused on the pattern, scaled-down stitching and ergonomics. The model’s form is based on NECK leather’s natural qualities. This leather gives the product its signature expression and forms the basis of the design. Another of the model’s most impressive aspects is the way in which a single piece of leather fits seamlessly across all parts, the back and the seat cushions.


Modular seating island in organic curves represents the perfect place to relax from the stress of everyday life.  A striking presence combined with innovative functionality and a playful approach to the traditional expectations of a sofa. This product can be transformed from an open sofa into an elegant chaise longue in a single action. The backrests can be rotated through 360 degrees. Can be adapted to any floor plan and any requirements.


de Sede has collaborated with some of the most prestigious designers and architects throughout the years and has created many classics in Swiss furniture design. Designers such as Robert Haussmann, Hugo de Ruiter, Gordon Guillaumier and Werner Aisslinger all have contributed to building de Sedes historical brand.


Exceptional design, unlimited configuration options, maximum functionality and distinctive seating comfort make the DS-600 system created in 1972 an icon. Seating elements with unlimited configuration options: Any number of upholstered segments can be zipped together, allowing free-flowing mobile concepts as well as conventional furniture arrangements. Supportive and down-soft upholstery for legendary de Sede seating comfort. The stool element enhances the legendary snake-shaped seat by adding an intermediate and final element.


Timeless classic from the 1970s and basis of de Sede’s global reputation for Swiss manufacturing of the highest quality. The seat and back cushions are all sewn by hand using a needle and thread. Low seat height and generous dimensions for a cutting-edge lounge look. High level of comfort despite the fragile appearance. Available with or without armrests.


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