In an era of globalisation and serial production, there are those who have chosen to seek out beauty, individuality, excellence

The CREAZIONI brand was originally born from Silik in 1997 and is the result of our desire to dress up past styles with a new modern and carefree look. The unusual shapes, the contrasts of bright color and the bold combinations of materials offer us furniture with personality and a variety of tastes and cultures that characterize contemporary life. Produced alongside Silik in Italy by the finest craftspeople, CREAZIONI furniture brings us a kaleidoscope of styles and atmospheres that reinvent any space with creativity and flair.

Tradition Meets Avant Garde

Even in its name “Creazioni”, the brand expresses its goal of revitalizing the styles of the past by representing them in a new light, which enhances the level of elegance, while at the same time retaining its authority. This is the stylistic feature of a brand which stems from the desire to follow a new path and propose a sort of “new way to dress up” with lively colors, unusual materials, and interesting finishes.

when the past holds conversation with the future

The finishing process is entirely manual: all products show refined and precious finishes, skilled craftsmen of Cantù, who pass down their art and passion from generation to generation, give their excellent contribution to the products making it a unique work of art.


All finishings require specialized skill and artistic attitude of the dedicated people: from gold and silver leaf to hand paintings and color shading, from white patinated to craquele polychromed, from craquele’ painted with gilted profiles to gold leaf with polychromies.



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